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3 days ago

How Gamblers Win

In this video, Jason Ladanye demonstrates the strike second deal, a dribble catch with a four Ace production and eight-handed riffle stacking. If you are interested in learning anything featured in this video or any card sleights, plea...

1 week ago

A Numbers Game (Ladanye's ACAAN)

Here's an effect from my upcoming book Game Changer. I've given the classic ACAAN plot a complete makeover. Rather than a card simply appearing at a number, I've turned ACAAN into a gambling demonstration that shows you're a serious...

2 weeks ago

Ask me Anything Vlog

Your questions answered! If you want to know anything about me card related or not, feel free to ask it in the comments section below. In the next Ask me Anything vlog, I will answer those questions. Ask me anything!!!...

2 weeks ago

A Day with Jason England

What did my good friend Jason England and I do while in Vegas for a week? We shot all my favorite guns from Modern Warfare 2 obviously! These guns are remarkably built and really fun to shoot. In order of appearance: AK-47 Steyr...

3 weeks ago


Jason Ladanye demonstrates the art of card manipulation. In this video, you'll see advanced shuffle control, ace productions, center deals, and much more. See what it takes to be a world-class cardshark....

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