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6 days ago

Have You Seen This Version of Solitaire?

Stuck inside due to Covid19? Learn this easy version of Solitaire and see how low of a score you can Get. If you end with two cards remaining, you win the game. I got 7, what'd you get? Post your score or any questions in the...

2 months ago

Royal Open

Here's an effect from Jason's new lecture notes. You can learn Royal Open plus four other killer routines included in Cash Grab. See the link below. Don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my channel. Cash Grab lecture notes:

5 months ago

Latin Quarter Playing Cards

Latin Quarter Playing Cards are available on Kickstarter on Dec. 2, 2019. “What good is a deck of cards if it doesn’t do everything I need it to do? Latin Quarter decks are traditionally cut, they have the perfect air-cushion finish...

7 months ago

Time is Money

In this video, Jason Ladanye demonstrates card productions, false dealing, and other advanced card cheating methods. What was your favorite part? Leave a comment below. To purchase the close-up mats featured in any of Jason's videos, cl...

8 months ago

Mind Games

What happens when a mentalist and a cardshark get together? Some serious MIND GAMES! Enjoy an evening of mind reading, magic, and mystery as well as a peek behind the curtain of the secretive life of a card cheat. Daniel Nicholas and...

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