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5 months ago


Jason Ladanye demonstrates advanced sleight of hand with cards. In this video, Jason demos card productions, table faros, second deals, and various card controls. Interested in learning anything in this video? More details here:

9 months ago

Casino Royale

In this video, Jason Ladanye demonstrates advanced card control. You'll also find riffle stacking drills, table faros, and advanced stacking that results in a heads-up straight flush. Do you want to handle cards like this? For more inf...

9 months ago

The Art of War

Here's a powerhouse routine from Jason Ladanye's new book Game Changer. Everyone has heard of the card game War before. Jason enjoys a friendly game of War and it seems that luck is on his side. Enjoy the video and leave a comment...

10 months ago

The Ultimate Cardshark

Jason Ladanye shows what it takes to be the ultimate cardshark. In this video, Jason demonstrates card flourishes, advanced card control, perfect table faros, an ace production, the bottom deal, and a full-deck control that uses a standa...

10 months ago

How Gamblers Win

In this video, Jason Ladanye demonstrates the strike second deal, a dribble catch with a four Ace production and eight-handed riffle stacking. If you are interested in learning anything featured in this video or any card sleights, plea...

10 months ago

A Numbers Game (Ladanye's ACAAN)

Here's an effect from my upcoming book Game Changer. I've given the classic ACAAN plot a complete makeover. Rather than a card simply appearing at a number, I've turned ACAAN into a gambling demonstration that shows you're a serious...

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